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Lake Greeson offers some of the best Fishing in Arkansas

Lake Greeson saw a tremendous numbers of bamboo brush piles placed in the lake in cooperation with AGFC Fishery Biologists Drew Wilson and Les Claybrook.

The Corps also sinks woody structures as well. Never before in the history of Lake Greeson has so much fish habitat structure been put into the lake.
GPS Location of crappie condos on Lake Greeson.

Large numbers of crappies fingerlings have recently been stocked to take advantage of the new habitat.

The crappie are in good shape because of the large numbers of shad and quality habitat.

Some of the best fishing of the year for big fish is Late February, March, April, and early May as the lake warms up and the fish attempt to spawn. Walleye should be the first to spawn with the white bass and stripers shortly after. The crappie and black bass come later at about the same time the dogwoods bloom. Catfish spawn around the last of May or first of June. Bluegills will spawn more than once and can be seen defending their nests throughout much of the summer.

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